silna Minakoro Block Tote

Brand Story

A designer who spent about 10 years in Italy learning the essence of craftsmanship

We express this rich experience in our bags.

The happy and playful Italian spirit,

Colours inspired by the vivid colours of nature.

Another distinctive feature is the use of different colours on the outside and inside.

The designer includes illustrations of an old man who runs a restaurant in Cesena, a small town in the central north of the country where he lived, and ordinary, yet unforgettable, everyday scenes are also important motifs.

While the bag has a cute and pop look, it also has excellent functionality, with the user in mind, such as a size that can hold a long wallet or cell phone, ease of access to contents, and ease of use for mothers who don't want to have their hands full. In addition, the techniques learned from Italian brand craftsmen are embodied in leather items that are so well-made that it's hard to believe they are in the 10,000 to 30,000 yen price range.

■Designer Profile

Mina Kanemura

Mina Kanemura

Born in Osaka.

She moved to Italy in 2011 and in 2012 became a member of the first class of students in the Fashion and Textile Department at the Nava Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

He studied under Romeo Gigli, whom he called his "lifelong mentor," and graduated at the top of his class.

In 2014, she began her internship at the Italian bag brand Gabs and was later officially hired. This was her first time working on bag design. She then did an internship at Celine, learning the techniques of the craftsmen alongside them.

She returned to Gabs in 2017 and was in charge of customizing bags at the opening of the Milan flagship store.

In 2020, he became a scholarship student at the Cherkal International Institute of Shoe and Footwear, which has produced such designers as Sergio Rossi and Pollini, where he will acquire specialized knowledge about shoes.

In 2021, he will launch his own brand , SILNA minacolo .


SILNA is my Korean name

minacolo is my Japanese name MINA

It is a coined word combining the Italian word miracolo , which means miracle.

In the everyday lives of everyone who picks up this book

So that a casual miracle can reach you

I feel like I was helped by Italy's positivity, cheerfulness, and playfulness.

I hope this brand can become a source of power.